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Africa is the birthplace of coffee. Despite this, the majority of coffee produced is exported, with lower grade coffees imported for local consumption. Cafe Neo embodies a new approach to coffee on the African continent – a new world, if you like.

Our name, Neo, means “gift” in Tswana and this encapsulates our view of coffee as a resource that should be shared and cherished. Our fine coffee is grown in Africa, to be consumed by the African consumer.

We aspire to be the brand across Africa that provides a ‘third space’, where customers can escape, meet like-minded dreamers and create great things. Neo is thus less about a cafe chain, but more about building communities around powerful ideas, with strong links to entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

We are Cafe Neo; celebrating the return of coffee to its African roots, one cup at a time.


After three very successful years, Neo is now Nigeria’s largest and fastest-growing coffee chain with 10 upscale outlets in Lagos. We believe the potential for Neo in Nigeria is huge, and are expanding rapidly to unearth it. By selling the finest African coffee in our shops and select retail outlets, first in Nigeria and then further afield, we’re aiming to be Africa’s favourite coffee chain.

At Cafe Neo today, you will find the perfect blend of 3 key elements:

  • Premium-quality African coffee
  • Amazing and unique spaces lined with African-themed decor and artwork, managed by our friendly baristas
  • An abundance of forward-thinking Nigerians, gisting about the latest trends, working to meet last-minute deadlines or engrossed in the new books they found on the shelves

As far as products go, we sell a range of hot and cold coffees, juices, paninis, pastries and salads. Feel free to drop by and collect some of that Neo Love!


We do indeed! In name, focus and approach, Neo has always been about creation. We are not only here to break boundaries in our own right, but also to use our carefully sourced and designed spaces to add an enormous amount of value to our continent.

In a state today where many of our best minds face fundamental roadblocks that inhibit their progress (lack of power, internet, etc.), what better way to add value than to give them a space where their only focus is on creating? With weekly seminars, a jam-packed event calendar and Office Hours with Nigeria’s sharpest entrepreneurs, why would a founder work anywhere else?